Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Trip to the Biblioteca

Hello my dear, neglected blog!

First off, Biblioteca is library. I finished the book I had brought with me, and decided it might be fun to go check something out from the library here! I got the address for Cochabamba's public library, walked my way there, and was immeadiatley out of my element.

1. You can't actually look at the books. You walk up to a large counter where there are two women who will take the information for the book you would like, walk back between the shelves, and bring the book to the counter. "Wandering through the stacks" doesn't exist here.

2. You can't actually check out a book. I mean, you do check it out when you take it from the woman at the counter, but you aren't allowed to take it home. There are two big rooms with long tables, and everyone sits there and reads. Well, some of them read. Some of them talk. If you are easily will never get through a book.

I wasn't so suprised by the card catalouges - organized by Author, Title and Subject...but it was impossible for me to find a book, as I didn't even know what I was looking for!

Luckily, Sustainable Bolivia (the host organization through which I am working) has a small library, from which I was able to borrow a couple of books that will hopefully get me through the next month. Plus, there are tons of bookstores around here, so I'll likely be coming home with some books as well!

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