Wednesday, October 27, 2010

El Lago Titicaca

Well, I spent the last weekend at Lake Titicaca. It was incredibly beautiful, and I saw some Incan ruins which were pretty fantastic. Titicaca is publicized as the highest navegable lake in the world, but I have since found out that this is not actually true. It may, however, be the largest, highest navegable lake in the world...I'm not sure on that one. Measuring about 3,200 square miles and sitting at 12,500 feet, it's quite impressive.

However...I must say that it felt like being on Lake Michigan! I suppose I'm just spoiled, but it did make me miss home. We have quite the lake system, ourselves!

Titicaca shares a border with Peru, so I managed to wave to their country a couple of times while out there. Enjoy the photos!

Leaving Copacabana - we took a boat just like this one to Isla del Sol. We rode on the top!

View of the Andes and Isla de la Luna from Isla del Sol

Incan Temple of the Sun
Inca Steps. There are supposedly 1,000 of them, but it felt like much, much more.  You can also see here the traditional indigenous dress for the northern part of Bolivia.

Sunset over Isla del Sol and Peru

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