Friday, September 10, 2010

Día del Peatón

So everything I posted in the last blog about traffic becomes null and void one day a year…September 5th, El día del peatón, or Day of the Pedestrian. It’s essentially Cochabamba’s version of Earth Day. Imagine this: in a city of roughly 600,000 people, not a car can be seen driving. All traffic noise stops. There are no exhaust fumes. Everyone comes out of their houses and rides their bikes or roller blades or walks around the city.

I was both amazed and impressed. It would be difficult to stop all car traffic in Battle Creek, a city of 50,000, let alone in a city of so many as Cochabamba! It was absolutely beautiful! It was easier to breath and so much quieter. Plus, there existed an overwhelming sense of community with everyone sharing in the vacant streets. I am so glad I was here to experience it! 
The corner where my house is. Many of the traffic pictures from the previous post were taken of this corner.

This is my street, which is usually filled with cars!
My Bolivian brother Coco, teaching his son Santiago how to ride a bike!

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